SC Dallas


About SCDallas: – SCDallas was founded in 2012 in an effort to unite stage combat and movement enthusiasts and focus on providing top-tier training and educational opportunities for the DFW area. Four short years later, the company is now actively working as Dallas‘ only open resource for safe, reliable, and fun Stage Combat and Movement choreography, direction, and instruction.

SCDallas has over 500 members, is host to a phenomenally successful Regional Workshop (The Lonestar Smash), and has organized three successful SPT Training Courses with the Society of American Fight Directors, in addition to their own regularly scheduled “Fight Nights” and workshops. The fourth Lonestar Smash is currently being planned and will take place November 4-5, 2017.

SCDallas teaches in several school districts, at youth Summer Camps, and is the preeminent Fight Director Resource for the Dallas Theatrical Community. Our work has been seen onstage at Dallas Theater Center, Uptown Players, Theatre Three, Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, the Trinity Shakespeare Festival, and many more.

SCDallas is made up of five Core Company Members who are dedicated to sharing and promoting proper, safe, and effective instruction and choreography: Ashley H. White, Brandon Sterrett, Charlton Gavitt, Andrew Dylan Ray, and Carlo Aceytuno. Collectively, these six share over 75 years of Stage Combat Training and each have their own specialties. As a team, they aim to explore all areas of combat, weapon, and movement styles that can be incorporated onto stage or screen. SCDallas strives to enhance the appreciation of the art form as well as promote safety in each aspect of learning, rehearsing, and performing.

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