Join SCDallas for THE LONESTAR SMASH! Regional Stage Combat and Cirque Workshop!

NOVEMBER 3-4, 2018

Sanctioned by the Society of American Fight Directors, the LONESTAR SMASH is bringing in some of the best instructors in the USA to teach all 8 SAFD Weapons, Stunts, Cirque, and MORE. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to choose from over 50 classes taught by Fight Masters, Certified Teachers, Industry Professionals, and Experts from all over the country:

Register now to train with:

SAFD Fight Master, Stunt Man, Fight Director, Professor at Brooklyn College, Pace University, and Muhlenberg College, Michael G Chin – New York City

SAFD Fight Master, Professor & Director of the School for Performing Arts at LaTech, Mark “Rat” Guinn – Ruston

Aerialist, Darby Guinn – Atlanta

SAFD Certified Teacher, Stunt Man & Martial Artist, currently on The History Channel’s “Vikings” & Professor of the Martial Arts Program at Indiana University, Patrick Kelly – Bloomington

SAFD Certified Teacher & Professor at Lamar University, Brian LeTraunik – Houston

SAFD Fight Director, Robert Macdougall – Seattle

Professional Clown Troupe, The NYGoofs – Tiffany Riley & Dick Monday– New York/Dallas

SAFD Certified Teacher, Motion Capture Actor & Instructor at The University of Kentucky – Andrew Dylan Ray

SAFD Certified Teacher & University of Central Florida Professor, David Reed – Orlando

SAFD Certified Teacher, Amie Root – Minneapolis

SAFD Certified Teacher, David Sterritt – Atlanta

Austin Warrior Arts Chief Instructor & Weapons Expert, Da’Mon Stith – Austin

SAFD Certified Teacher, Rachel Stubbs– Chicago

SAFD Fight Master, Renaissance Showman & Columbia College Professor, David “Guido Crescendo” Woolley – Chicago

Come learn with some of the best of the best! TEXAS STYLE!