The decision to hire a qualified and experienced fight director or action choreographer can make or break your production – in more ways than one. Choosing Stage Combat Dallas, LLC (SCDallas) means bringing SAFETY, EXCITEMENT, and VALUE to your stage or film production. Having taken a few classes or being in a show with a fight does not equate to a qualified choice. The SCDallas Smash crew has over 70 collective years honing their stage combat craft. It is a constantly evolving discipline, so you want to make sure you have someone who actively pursues the art form with a passion. SCDallas adheres to the principles and teachings of the Society of American Fight Directors, the national organization that is at the cutting edge of stage combat. The SCDallas Smash Crew are all members in good standing with the SAFD. 

    Do you want your actors injured or your audience in danger? No, of course not, and neither do we.

    An SCDallas fight director brings the expertise to know what trajectories of a fight have risk, how to provide a safe and focused environment for learning, working, and performing, and the importance of a formal Fight Call.

    SCDallas' Smash Crew holds the safety aspect of stage combat as their number one priority. This also includes an actor's emotional safety, equally important when dealing with highly charged and vulnerable work.

    Stage combat comes with inherent risk, and it is our goal to deliver a safe, reliable, and exciting product.

    A fight director knows how to make stakes high and tell the story in an efficient, specific, and vision enhancing way.

    SCDallas strives to bring you not only kick-ass, stand up and roar fights, but also those moments that make the audience cringe or grip their seats with white knuckled anticipation.

    We have spent years studying weapon's historical context and will work with you to create a fight or action scene that is thrilling and accurate to history and the script.

    The better question is how can you afford to *not* hire a fight director?

    The often unsung heroes of a production, fight directors drive to support the director's vision in a safe and thrilling way. We even handle script analysis to ensure the best story telling experience. The artful creativity SCDallas brings creates a dynamic that adds polish and brilliance to a fight scene, which is good for the production and thrilling for audiences!

    The crew at SCDallas are always training, playing, working, advancing, improving among themselves, and you get the benefit of that work effort.

Further Reading and Resources

“Hiring A Fight Director" by SAFD Fight Director Michael Jerome Johnson

“Stage Combat Gone Wrong" collected by scholar and dramaturg, Meron Langsner

“Get It Together" by Berkeley Artistic Director, Melissa Hillman

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