About Us

SCDallas was founded in January 2012 in an effort to unite stage combat and movement enthusiasts in the DFW area while promoting and providing training opportunities from some of the best instructors in the country, and supporting the ideals of the Society of American Fight Directors.

In 2017, the company is actively working as DFW’s only open resource for safe, reliable, and fun Stage Combat and Movement choreography, direction, and instruction. Host to a hugely successful annual regional workshop (The Lonestar Smash) that brings in instructors and industry professionals from across the country, regularly scheduled fight nights, and various workshops, SCDallas provides unique and exciting training opportunities to the entire DFW community.

SCDallas teaches in several school districts, at youth Summer Camps, and is the preeminent Fight Director Resource for the Dallas Theatrical Community. Our work has been seen onstage at Dallas Theater Center, Uptown Players, Theatre Three, the Trinity Shakespeare Festival, and many more.

SCDallas is made up of five Core Company Members who are dedicated to sharing and promoting proper, safe, and effective instruction and choreography: Ashley H. White, Andrew Dylan Ray, Brandon Sterrett, Carlo Aceytuno, and Charlton Gavitt. Collectively, these five share over seventy years of Stage Combat Training and each have their own specialties. As a team, they aim to explore all areas of combat, weapon, and movement styles that can be incorporated onto stage or screen.

SCDallas strives to enhance the appreciation of the art form as well as promote safety in each aspect of learning, rehearsing, and performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is “stage combat”? A: Stage combat is the art of creating the illusion of violence for theater, film, and television, so it appears real to the audience, but is safe for the performers.

Q: I am not an actor, is this still for me? A: Yes! We have students, teachers, scholars, dancers, musicians, sports jocks, roommates, clowns, martial artists and many other variety of people in our classes, all who enjoy and are passionate about stage combat.

Q: What do I wear? A: Wear something you will be comfortable working out in, including athletic shoes. We do not recommend wearing blue jeans or any clothing that restricts movement.

Q: Will the swords be provided? May I bring my own? A: All necessary equipment for our classes will be provided, unless otherwise stated in the class announcement. However, if you still want to bring your own gear, please reach out to the SCDallas instructor for permission prior to class and make arrangements for safe transport.

Q: What about gloves? A: It is recommended that you have your own pair of gloves for any class that involves a weapon. Leather gloves, as simple as $10 baseball gloves, will add an extra layer of safety for your hands against accidents, protect the steel from the acidic oils on your hands, maintain good hygiene by not having to share, and help prevent injury.

Q: Is it dangerous? A: As with any athletic activity, safety is very important. We work hard to ensure the safety of the students, instructors, and space. You will be asked to sign a waiver for legal reasons, but yes, safety is key and the danger is diminished through the expertise of the SCDallas staff.

Q: How much is it? A: Our regularly scheduled Fight Night classes are only $5 per person (paid in advance, or $10 at the door). This fee is simply used to maintain our costs. The price for Workshops and Special Events vary depending on the activity, and will be very clear when announced.

Q: I want a sword fight or other violence for a production/film I am working on. How do I start? A: First thing to do is send us an email using our Contact Us form. SCD will guide you through the process from hearing out your vision to executing it in an exciting, safe, and fulfilling manner.

Q: I still don’t get what it is that SCDallas does. A: We teach stage combat! We perform stage combat! We direct stage combat. Attend one of our classes, join our Facebook group, and come play with us!

The SCDallas group now has over 500 local members who attend regularly held Fight Nights, Workshops, and other exciting Events. For more information, and to join in on more fun – find us on Facebook!

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